The producers (ADM Soundworks) of Beat Dragons, 2TRONIC and ON TV the duet Ulrich Adams & Thomas Duhm published their first single already in 1986, under the name „The Unknown Art“ "Blackmail you" was put on the market by the German Independently label ZYX-Records. The today producer team appeared as a producer as well as a composer, thereby collected many experiences and could attach some contacts in the music business. In 1987 the first single of ON TV in Germany was published then, also with ZYX-Records, the title "Holiday Love Affair" was sold at first really well. On this occasion, Ulrich Adams & Thomas Duhm appeared for the first time not as an music act but as pure producers. This song was published in France as a single as well as on many Compilations around the globe e.g. in Hong Kong. Then also in 1987 the second title of „Unknown Art“ "Easy to Please me" came on the market in Germany which was published as a single also abroad in Spain and even in Australia / New Zealand as well as on some Compilations. Then in 1988 Ulrich Adams & Thomas Duhm produced another project with the name "Network", the song "news" was also published with ZYX Records. Afterwards Ulrich Adams & Thomas Duhm paused till the middle of 90'er years. Then the producer duet took a new approach and produced two more "ON TV" singles this time one works together with Linda Rocco (several top 10 hits as a singer with Dance 2 Trance & Masterboy) as a singer who also wrote the vocal melodies / text here for ON TV, and the rapper Leo Slater who also wrote his own rap-text and published first in 1994 the single "Set Me Free". Then in 1995 followed by „Just A Dream“. These both songs, in usual style of 90'er dance Music, were published also worldwide on many Compilations. Then in 2014 the producer duet Ulrich Adams & Thomas Duhm planned to get once again back into the music business. This was the birth of the fourth single of ON TV which was written and produced in complete own direction. The title with the name "LA Ola" was published by A45 Music GmbH in Germany.


Since 2017 another two projects were born by ADM Soundworks (Thomas Duhm & Ulrich Adams). 2TRONIC, which releases cool electronic dance music tracks and BEAT DRAGONS which releases tracks for Big room Clubs and to party at EDM Festivals. The year 2019, with 5 releases, so far was the busiest year for the producer duet ADM Soundworks. To be continued……..